How do I sign up for your service?
What are the costs associate with your services?
Do you charge a surcharge on my phone bill for the unlimited plan or the Toll Free plan?
Why would I want to pay $.089 per minute for your toll free services when I can use your unlimited plan for a flat monthly fee?
Are both your Toll Free plan and your Unlimited Plan Reservationless?
I have forgotten my password, where can I get it?
Where can I find my personalized dial in and ID numbers?
What makes you different from other teleconference providers?
Do you offer invoice billing?
How can I add additional users to my account?
How do I set up a conference call?
What is the difference between a host ID and Participant ID number?
What is Toll Free Reservationless Conferencing?
What keypad options do I have while on a conference call?
Can I record my conference call?
How do I retrieve my recorded conference?
What is the maximum number of participants allowed on one call?
What benefits are there using your "Call Manager" screen?
Do you have operator assistance?
What are my system requirements?
Can I view my call history online?
Can I have International callers join a call?
How am I billed?
Do you charge a set up fee?
How do I know my information is secure?
What is a host of a conference call?
Is this an Internet call (VOIP)?
What is your premium Operator Assisted Conferencing?
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